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Principles and Purposes

The philanthropic foundation named VIVERE ELEGANTE has one purpose:

The defense of Beauty in any form it manifests itself

pursued by promoting activities aimed at popularizing the culture of Beauty, Elegance and the difficult art of knowing how to derive pleasure from their contemplation.

Vivere Elegante carries out activities aimed at younger people to bring them closer to the Classical World, where the worship and exaltation of Beauty, Aesthetics and Ethics are its true essence, and realizes its social goals and philanthropic objectives by organizing cultural events around the world and promoting activities such as conferences, debates and events in order to spread its discipline.

The social purposes of the foundation are:

– Funding initiatives to publish books, manuscripts, poetry collections, videos, recordings and sheet music.

– Incentivize and reward manufacturing artisans by awarding them the “Handicraft Excellence License”.

– Hold meetings and trainings to explain how “A Life Made to Measure” can be achieved. That is, to provide the knowledge and tools to build the delicate and complex architecture between the different aspects that make up Vivere Elegante. Eloquence, Politeness, Sobriety, Discretion is what gives life to the Personal Style of each individual according to his or her aptitudes, physical predispositions, inclinations and, more generally, personality.

– Promote twinning with other associations to share and disseminate their goals, achievements and successes.

The foundation has a web space consisting of:
– A blog that allows a direct and constant relationship with Members and sympathizers who can thus interact with the staff on topics related to good taste, style, and respect for Art.
– A collection of publications, articles and videos concerning the social purpose.

The financing of activities related to the social purposes as well as the administration and management of the Foundation is entrusted to the voluntary payments made by the Constituent Members, Founding Members and the membership fees of Supporters.
There is an e-commerce space on the website for the presentation and sale of vintage items and artifacts and clothing accessories made by skilled artisans. The profit generated will contribute exclusively to funding the foundation’s initiatives.
Vivere Elegante also participates in calls for national and European public funding to finance the provision of scholarships to young people who have excelled in the various arts.
A self-funding process is established with the Crowdfunding tool intended for followers on the various social web channels where the Foundation has a presence.

On the Foundation’s website you can see the Foundation’s Bylaws, Regulations and different ways of collaboration.

The first international representations are active in London, Monte Carlo, Madrid and Dubai.

A final concluding remark: the times we live in might make such an initiative appear almost unrealistic, being permeated by artificiality, even intellectual artificiality, and discomposure in manners, so much so that good manners are now a factor of amazement.
Instead, this is precisely the time to return to Virtues, to Education, to ways that will mellow relationships between people.
Meeting with people who have a taste for dressing with care, without affectation, who like quiet tones, not weak ones, who deepen relationships to transfer knowledge, knowledge, experience to each other is what the Foundation places at the center of its activities.

President Salvatore Parisi
On behalf of the steering committee of the Foundation

For any inquiries or membership in the Project

use the Contact Us form to send an email to the Foundation’s Steering Committee