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The biography of Salvatore Parisi

Salvatore Parisi was born in Naples and has been living in Rome for 37 years where he is a clinical psychologist and director of the Roman Rorschach School.
An aristocrat by birth, tastes and attitudes, he makes no secret of dedicating himself with commitment to the difficult art of “Elegant Living”; a pipe and cigarette smoker, it is to the Havana cigar, however, that he has consecrated an important part of his life.

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It was his idea to start truly exclusive Havana cigar smoking and ‘hoarding’ clubs: the “Ubi Maior” and “La Cumbre” clubs.
His interest in Havana led him, years ago, to take a torcedor course at the “La Corona” factory in Habana. Never tiring of traveling, in over forty years he has put together an extensive library, a collection of boxes and objects related to Cuban cigars, and most importantly a monumental “Maturing Room” with over one hundred thousand Cuban cigars of various ages, brands, and formats including many packed with rare or customized “Vitolas.”

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