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We can distinguish women into only three categories: broodmothers, working women, and pin-ups!

The first are the mothers, housewives dedicated only to the care of the home and family. The latter are the ugly clones of males sacrificed to career and money. The third ones, which are the ones that Men like, are the Women! They stand out for the care and love they have for their femininity. They have enameled nails, love underwear, skirts, stilettos and possess a fine, sensitive and delicate palate. They don’t chew gum, they don’t have tattoos, they don’t appreciate vulgar jokes, and they don’t cheer at a football game. They speak in pleasant and seductive tones of voice, take pleasure in being the object of male desire, and use femininity and amatory wisdom to win their space of power and respect in their relationship with men.

We know that the three souls are not unique, so cases of women being able to make them coexist in harmony are possible, but rare. To receive the love of this divine synthesis is the male dream!