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Very intense and full of pleasant meetings was last week in Monte Carlo with the group Vivere Elegante, in the persons of Salvatore Parisi, Diana Stoica and Claudio Barucca.

New acquaintances enriched the fast-paced pace of the many events in which the group participated.

Bernard d’Alessandri, Secrétaire General of the Y.C.M., between Salvatore Parisi and Musa Diana Stoica

Souvenir photo for gift exchange

Isidoro Miele, president of the Sport for Nature Association of Monaco, and Diana Stoica

Isidoro Miele and Salvatore Parisi

Isidore Miele, between Salvatore Parisi and Claudio Barucca.

Martina Wagner and Diana Stoica, the Muses of Vivere Elegante.

Martina Wagner

Salvatore Parisi with the Divine Martina Wagner

Aperitif at Bar Americain at the Hotel de Paris with Jean Bernard, president of the Bentley Club du Monaco

Vivere Elegante meets Kevin Rochay, founder of the Rochay Group

The undoubtedly most relevant event was held on the 15th evening at the Hotel Hermitage and organized by Dr. Isidoro Miele, President of the Sport for Nature Monaco Association and Prof. Stefano Tirelli, President of the Sport for Nature Italia Association,under the high patronage of H.S.H. le Prince Albert II de Monaco.

The “Sport for Nature Awards 2023” saw the awarding of international athletes committed to environmental protection such as Alberto Bona(8th skipper of the last Route du Rhum and winner of the Caribbean 600 2023), Yohann Taberlet (French Paralympic skier who has been awarded several times), David Trezeguet (former footballer, world champion in 1998 and European champion in 2000) and IBSA for its concrete commitment to inclusive sailing for people with disabilities.

During the event, a vintage Cuban Humidor offered by our President Salvatore Parisi and composed with a fine selection of 25 Havana cigars from his Private Collection was auctioned off. It was a real satisfaction for Vivere Elegante that the item garnered the highest bid reached by the different lots, the proceeds of which went to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation for the Pelagos Project to safeguard the seas.

The delivery of the Humidor of Vivere Elegante to the successful bidder at the auction.

The second event was held the next day, June 16, at the prestigious Yatch Club in Monaco, attended by H.S.H. Prince Albert II, during which the activities of theItalian Navy Hydrographic Institute (Rapporteur Rear Admiral Massimiliano Giannini) for the study and analysis of the Arctic and Antarctic oceans, the Munich Science Center (rapporteur Ms. Nathalie Hilmi) on the effects of atmospheric warming on the oceans and theSport for Nature Association International (speaker Prof. Stefano Tirelli) on the experiences of the study carried out in the Svalbard Islands.

In particular, Salvatore Parisi had the opportunity to meet Rear Admiral Nannini and congratulate him on behalf of Vivere Elegante for the thorough research and safeguarding of the seas carried out by the Navy and witnessed by the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy.

H.S.H. le Prince Albert II de Monaco and Admiral Massimiliano Nannini, director of the Hydrographic Institute of the Italian Navy

During the latter event, the establishment of the Representation of Vivere Elegante in Monaco and its activities to present its Inspiring Principles was ratified and entrusted to the coordination of Ms. Martina Wagner.

On this occasion, we also had the opportunity to meet and get to know Isidoro Miele, a very active personality within the Yatching Club Monaco as well as a crew member of the splendid and emblazoned Tuiga, on which we were invited on an upcoming occasion of his passing through the marina. It is flattering that Isidoro Miele has expressed keen interest in collaborating with our Foundation; Martina Wagner, our Monegasque Muse, will know well how to involve him in our upcoming initiatives!

Ms. Martina Wagner

Thus, a solid foundation was laid for a wonderful friendship and future cooperation between Vivere Elegante and the Y.C.M., in the person of its Secrétaire Genéral, Dr. Bernard d’Alessandri, to whom Salvatore Parisi donated one of the last copies of his book ‘The Havana Cigar,’ intended to enrich the elegant Sigar Longue Of the Club.

The YCM reciprocated the gift by honoring Vivere Elegante with the Club’s prestigious crest and inviting the group to the Monaco Classic Week of Vintage Sails and Boats, which will be held in Monte Carlo on September 13.

Over the weekend, Vivere Elegante had two other important meetings:

Between events, in one of the breaks consumed at the table of the splendid CastelRock restaurant, we found ourselves offering Havana cigars from our Private Reserve to two gentlemen seated at a nearby table, a Priest and a distinguished gentleman. After chatting amiably about the pleasure that smoking a Havana produces, we met our distinguished interlocutors: Colonel Luc Fringant, ancien Commandant Supérieur de la Force Publique du Monte Carlo, and Abbé Christian Venard, Chaplain of the Monaco Carabiniers. Two high-profile acquaintances!

With Jean Bernard, Founder and President of Bentley Club Monaco, smoking an excellent Havana, we discussed the involvement of Vivere Elegante in two important initiatives promoted by Jean. The creation of an exclusive cigar brand for members of the Bentley Monaco club and collaboration in the creation of a series of gadgets, among which the one that received the most attention was the creation of the social regimental tie.

Last but not least, meeting Kevin Rochay, founder of the Rochay Group, which includes a TV and Magazine. It is a great honor for Vivere Elegante to receive Kevin’s invitation to participate in the upcoming September 8 Gala organized by the Rochay Group.