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I have the absolute conviction, partly due to my clinical experience as a psychologist, that the contemplation of Beauty produces emotions that activate the libido generating the creative force of ideas and actions. Recovering the cult of Beauty is the only chance to defend ourselves and what we hold most dear, from the pervasive, devastating exaltation of the ugly, the cacophonous and the unstructured. Chaos desecrates the harmony that is the essence of good, right and beautiful.

In my life I have loved objects as much as people, and this is the way for those who recognize good taste as the highest authority. Let’s leave words like luxury or exclusivity to advertising; what really makes the difference is beauty, utility, durability and meaning.

This site is an unconventional space where I hope you can find cultural content dealing with the difficult art of “Elegant Living” and the even more difficult art of deriving pleasure from the mere contemplation of beauty.

What one possessed was not conditioned and influenced by the merchants of “cheap luxury” or “exclusivities available in department stores.” The items were designed and made to suit the individual needs of gentlemen and gentlewomen for daily use, travel, a picnic, or more. Unique, functional, elegant and above all beautiful objects were thus produced. Many artisans, then working in small workshops, became so famous that in less than a century they became well-known brands sought after today in luxury prét à porter supermarkets.

Browsing through the pages of Elegant Living you will get to see objects that witness the golden age of Good Taste and the Taste of the Beautiful.

Have fun

Salvatore Parisi